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Northwest Christian Academy
Preschool & Daycare

4706 Park Cntr Ave NE
Lacey, WA 98516
(360) 493-2223

Office: preschool@ncslacey.org

School Hours:
7:00 am - 6:00 pm


Family Stewardship

We desire to partner with families in teaching and caring for their child. This can happen in many ways, one of them being the Family Stewardship Program.

The Family Stewardship Program gives families a way to be involved in the school. The benefits of this program include:

  • Tuition rates lower than average for the same quality program. We depend on family participation directly in the school to provide goods and services that would otherwise require us to increase tuition rates.

  • Tuition discounts can be earned by completing approved Stewardship Opportunities (tuition discounts of up to $20.00/month can be earned through this program).

  • Through this partnership the members of the community of CCA (parents, extended family, staff, children) develop a relationship and a common goal for the benefit of the school, which in-turn benefits the children and their family.

Family Stewardship Agreement

Goals of the Family Stewardship Agreement:

  • Family Involvement in the Preschool Program

  • Development of strong relationships among participants of the Preschool

  • A strong partnership between home and school

  • Incorporation of skills, talents and resources of enrolled families. This helps reduce some costs, thereby enabling CCA to maintain lower tuition rates

  • The provision of a format in which families can provide resources that increase the quality of the school

How it works:

  • Family members of students enrolled fulltime can participate, OR family members can facilitate the acquisition of services or materials, pre-approved by the Preschool Director as being beneficial to the school

  • Tuition discounts are earned by completing approved Stewardship Opportunities. Opportunities are posted and are communicated on flyers.

  • Each hour worked is equivalent to $10.00 value of pre-approved purchases accompanied by a receipt.

  • Parents pay the full tuition the first month of attendance. Thereafter, credits will be applied each month for stewardship hours completed the previous month.

  • As stewardship is completed, families turn in a Stewardship Completion-Documentation Form (pdf). The form must have an “Authorized Signature” on it to be valid. (This will document the activity and approve then submit the tuition credit.)

  • There is a cap on the amount of discount that can be earned per family:
    • $200.00 per year for full time enrollment
  • Hours may not be banked or applied as additional discounts beyond the maximum yearly allowable discounts for that family’s program enrollment.

  • In the event a family exceeds the maximum cap on credit hours for the program their child is enrolled in during the stewardship year of June-May, the additional hours are understood to be voluntary and unrelated to the Family Stewardship Program.

  • Enrollment changes: hours will be pro-rated accordingly. Upon withdrawal, if a family’s stewardship hours exceed the allowable amount up to that month of withdrawal, the additional hours are understood to be voluntary and cannot be applied to the balance.

To participate, pick up a Stewardship Completion-Documentation Form (pdf) on the Information Table in the Preschool Lobby or open the document link here to print your own copy.



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"My daughter and younger son have both grown so much in their education and moral excellence that I can't begin to put a price on it." - John Smith, Dad

"The teachers at CCA are absolutely wonderful!"
- Tracy Radcliff, Mom



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